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Exclusive Planted Coffee

At Shibam International, our unwavering passion lies in sharing the exquisite taste of Yemeni coffee with the world. Our story is one that intertwines craftsmanship, tradition, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Inspired by the name Shibam, derived from the ancient four luxurious cities in Yemen—Shibam Hadhramout, Shibam Haraz, Shibam Kawkban, and Shibam Al-Garas—we embody the essence of art, innovation, and pure beauty. Just like these cities, which were architectural marvels that defied challenging heights and environmental conditions, we strive to bring that spirit of ingenuity to our coffee.Throughout history, these cities served as epicenters for international trade, cultural exchange, and scientific innovation. We believe that coffee is a universal language—one that speaks of love, innovation, and beauty. Much like how the four Shibam cities united Yemenis and shared these concepts with the world, coffee serves as an endless treasure that unites people worldwide with its beauty and generosity.

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We extend an invitation to embark on a captivating journey of taste and discovery with us as we uncover the hidden treasures of Yemeni coffee. Join us as we celebrate the rich heritage and distinct flavors of Yemen, allowing you to experience the remarkable depths and complexities that make Yemeni coffee truly exceptional.


From the moment our coffee cherries are carefully handpicked to the final sip, our value chain is meticulously designed to preserve the exceptional flavors and characteristics of Yemeni coffee.
  • Care We nurture the coffee trees for a period of 2-3 years, providing them with attentive care and utilizing 100% organic methods for fertilization
  • Harvest A team of trained farmers, well-versed in international standards, meticulously harvests only the ripe red cherry coffee beans..
  • Drying To achieve the optimal flavors, we employ a combination of natural sun-drying and long-term shade-drying methods
Our Artisanal Production Process
  • Peeling Utilizing modern machinery and scientific techniques available in our country, we meticulously peel the beans
  • Inspection : Each batch of our specialty Yemeni coffee undergoes thorough testing and evaluation. Local and internationally certified Quality graders
  • Shipping Once the inspection process is successfully completed, we move on to carefully packaging and preparing our specialty Yemeni coffee for shipment.

How we Prepare our Beans

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Our Services

At Shibam International, we specialize in providing top-tier coffee quality control lab services that are essential for maintaining the superior quality and consistency of coffee beans and related products.

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