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At Shibam International, our unwavering passion lies in sharing the exquisite taste of Yemeni coffee with the world. Our story is one that intertwines craftsmanship, tradition, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Inspired by the name Shibam, derived from the ancient four luxurious cities in Yemen—Shibam Hadhramout, Shibam Haraz, Shibam Kawkban, and Shibam Al-Garas—we embody the essence of art, innovation, and pure beauty. Just like these cities, which were architectural marvels that defied challenging heights and environmental conditions, we strive to bring that spirit of ingenuity to our coffee.Throughout history, these cities served as epicenters for international trade, cultural exchange, and scientific innovation. We believe that coffee is a universal language—one that speaks of love, innovation, and beauty. Much like how the four Shibam cities united Yemenis and shared these concepts with the world, coffee serves as an endless treasure that unites people worldwide with its beauty and generosity.

Our mission is to preserve the centuries-old tradition of Yemeni coffee production while leveraging innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology. Through meticulous cultivation, traditional natural processing techniques, and sustainable sourcing practices, we strive to deliver a luxurious and unparalleled coffee experience to our valued customers.

Our vision is to be the premier exporter of premium Yemeni coffee, captivating coffee enthusiasts with the exceptional flavors and unparalleled quality of our offerings. We aim to create a global coffee experience that celebrates the richness of Yemen’s coffee heritage.

At Shibam International, we are committed to upholding the highest values of quality, integrity, innovation and sustainability. We adhere to fair trade principles, building meaningful relationships with coffee-growing communities and supporting their economic well-being. We are driven by a passion for positive change and community development.

Who We Are

Shibam International is a team of dedicated coffee enthusiasts, united by our love for Yemeni coffee. With a blend of inherited knowledge, scientific expertise, and innovative techniques, we ensure that every cup of Shibam coffee embodies the essence of Yemen’s unique coffee-growing regions.

** Rare and exotic experience that you can't afford to miss **
From the moment our coffee cherries are carefully handpicked to the final sip, our value chain is meticulously designed to preserve the exceptional flavors and characteristics of Yemeni coffee. Grown in the challenging heights of Yemen's mountains, our coffee is a true rarity, nurtured by the region's microclimates and rich volcanic soils. The knowledge and inherited methods of caring for coffee in Yemen have been passed down through generations, resulting in a coffee that is celebrated for its unique characteristics and unmatched taste.
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